Mark Wahlberg on Eating Plant-Based: "I Feel Really Good"

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to lifting and eating to build muscle. From his Pain and Gain days to his latest movie, Spenser Confidential, the 48-year-old actor is perpetually ripped. But one thing that has changed as of late is his approach to diet, he revealed in the Men’s Health segment “Vs. the Internet.” While Wahlberg typically eats around eight meat-based meals per day to maintain his gains, he recently switched to a plant-based diet. 

Each episode of “Vs. the Internet” has a celebrity answer internet comments about themselves. Wahlberg answered a wide range of questions in his episode, many of which had to do with his diet and exercise regimen. The plant-based diet came up in response to an Instagram user asking Wahlberg if he ever fasts in a comment on this recent photo: 


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Six months of Performance Inspired Nutrition, Aquahydrate, and F45 training!! Clean eating. Inspired to be better, team training / life changing. 🙏❤️🙏 @performinspired @aquahydrate @f45_training

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Wahlberg revealed that when the photo was taken, he was eating about eight…

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